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Watch Brand Parts Distribution Policies

Independent repair persons need access to genuine spare parts from manufacturers in order to provide quality after-sales service. This directory will help you identify which brands provide access to spare parts and support independent watch repair.

If you are looking for an independent watch repair professional, please click on the Find A Professional tab at the top of this page for a directory of AWCI Members.

The information reported here was obtained by a telephone survey and represents the responses given by an employee of the brand or its US distributor. The information is provided to help watchmakers and consumers make educated decisions about their watch purchases.

If you believe any of the information reported here is inaccurate please contact AWCI at A blank copy of this survey can be obtained here.

Members of AWCI should login to view full survey responses and contact information.

Brand Name

Click on the brand for a more detailed description of the brand’s parts distribution policies including notes explaining why they recived the policy rating below.
Brand Parts Distribution Policy
121Time  Fully-Restrictive
Accutron  Not-Restrictive
Adidas  Fully-Restrictive
Aerowatch  Fully-Restrictive
Alpina  Fully-Restrictive
Apple Watch  Fully-Restrictive
Armani  Fully-Restrictive
Balmain  Fully-Restrictive
Baume and Mercier  Semi-Restrictive
Belair  Semi-Restrictive
Berea  Fully-Restrictive
Bisset  Not-Restrictive
Blancpain  Semi-Restrictive
Boccia  Fully-Restrictive
Breguet  Semi-Restrictive
Breitling  Fully-Restrictive
Bulova  Not-Restrictive
Candino  Semi-Restrictive
Caravelle  Not-Restrictive
Cartier  Semi-Restrictive
Casio  Semi-Restrictive
Catwatches  Fully-Restrictive
Cellini  Semi-Restrictive
Certina  Semi-Restrictive
Charriol  Fully-Restrictive
Chopard  Fully-Restrictive
Citizen  Not-Restrictive
cK (Calvin Klein)  Semi-Restrictive
Coach  Semi-Restrictive
Concord  Semi-Restrictive
Corum  Semi-Restrictive
Croton  Refused to participate in survey
Cyma  Semi-Restrictive
Da Vinci  Not-Restrictive
Daniel Mink  Fully-Restrictive
David Yurman  Fully-Restrictive
Diesel  Fully-Restrictive
Dior   Fully-Restrictive
DKNY  Fully-Restrictive
Ebel  Fully-Restrictive
Ecclissi  Fully-Restrictive
Elysse  Not-Restrictive
Emporio Armani  Fully-Restrictive
Ernst Benz  Fully-Restrictive
Ernst Benz  Fully-Restrictive
ESQ by Movado  Semi-Restrictive
Exchange  Fully-Restrictive
Flik Flak  Fully-Restrictive
Fossil  Fully-Restrictive
Glashuette Original  Semi-Restrictive
Glycine  Fully-Restrictive
Grimoldi  Fully-Restrictive
GUCCI  Fully-Restrictive
Guiliano Mazzuoli  Fully-Restrictive
Hamilton  Semi-Restrictive
Hamlin Portrait  Not-Restrictive
Hanhart  Fully-Restrictive
Harry Winston  Fully-Restrictive
Hermes  Fully-Restrictive
Ice Link  Fully-Restrictive
IWC  No survey responses
Jaeger-LeCoultre  No survey responses
Jaquet Droz  Semi-Restrictive
Jean d'Eve  Fully-Restrictive
JEAN MARCEL  Fully-Restrictive
Joe Rodeo  Fully-Restrictive
Jorg Gray  Semi-Restrictive
Judith Ripka  Fully-Restrictive
Jules Jurgensen  Not-Restrictive
Junkers  Not-Restrictive
Karl Lagerfeld  Fully-Restrictive
Kobold  Not-Restrictive
Laco  Not-Restrictive
Lambretta  Not-Restrictive
Leon Hatot  Fully-Restrictive
Longines  Semi-Restrictive
Luminox  Fully-Restrictive
Marc Jacobs  Fully-Restrictive
Maurice Lacroix  Fully-Restrictive
Meister  Not-Restrictive
Michael Kors  Fully-Restrictive
Michele  Fully-Restrictive
Mido  Semi-Restrictive
Mondaine  Fully-Restrictive
Mondia  Not-Restrictive
Montblanc  No survey responses
Movado  Not-Restrictive
Nine  Fully-Restrictive
Omega  Semi-Restrictive
Oris  Semi-Restrictive
Pandora  Fully-Restrictive
Panerai  Semi-Restrictive
Perrelet  Fully-Restrictive
Philip Stein  Fully-Restrictive
Philip Stein  Semi-Restrictive
Philip Watch  Fully-Restrictive
Pope Watch Co  Fully-Restrictive
Rado  Semi-Restrictive
Revue Thommen  Fully-Restrictive
RGM  Fully-Restrictive
Roberto Cavali  Fully-Restrictive
Rolex  Semi-Restrictive
Rotary  Not-Restrictive
Saint Honore  Semi-Restrictive
SB  Fully-Restrictive
Sector  Fully-Restrictive
Serket  Fully-Restrictive
Sinn  Fully-Restrictive
Skagen  Fully-Restrictive
Southern Tide  Fully-Restrictive
Swatch  Fully-Restrictive
Tag Heuer  Fully-Restrictive
Tavannes  Not-Restrictive
TechnoMarine  Fully-Restrictive
Teno  Fully-Restrictive
Teno2  Fully-Restrictive
Tiffany and Co.  Fully-Restrictive
Tissot  Semi-Restrictive
Toy Watch  Fully-Restrictive
Traser  Fully-Restrictive
Tsovet  Not-Restrictive
Tudor  Semi-Restrictive
Union Glashutte  Fully-Restrictive
Universal Geneve  Fully-Restrictive
Vabene  Fully-Restrictive
Vacheron Constantin  No survey responses
Van Cleef & Arpels  No survey responses
Visetti  Not-Restrictive
Wittnauer  Not-Restrictive
Zenith  Fully-Restrictive
Zeppelin  Not-Restrictive
Zodiac  Fully-Restrictive

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