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Apple Watch
Distributed by: Apple, Inc.
Spare Parts Distribution Policy: Fully-Restrictive
Distribution Policy Notes: All product must return to Apple for service
Some authorized Apple product service centers can provide software support but all hardware problems must go back to Apple for service.
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Survey Responses
Date: 5/25/2015

Do you supply parts to Watchmakers?

Do you have any prerequisites to obtaining a spare parts account?


Workshop set-up / location:

Equipment / Tools:

Does the watchmaker have to work in a retail establishment which sells your watches?

Do you supply parts to material houses?

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The information reported here was obtained by a telephone survey and represents the responses given by an employee of the brand or its US distributor. The information is provided to help watchmakers and consumers make educated decisions about their watch purchases. If you believe any of the information reported here is inaccurate please contact AWCI at