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Distributed by: The Swatch Group (U.S.) Inc.
Spare Parts Distribution Policy: Semi-Restrictive
Distribution Policy Notes: Reasonable tool and training prerequisites to opening a spare parts account
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Survey Responses
Date: 5/15/2014

Do you supply parts to Watchmakers?

Do you have any prerequisites to obtaining a spare parts account?
Service Provider Training – REQUIRED Assuring the owners of our watches are receiving the best service possible is of upmost importance to all of us. We know that technology and training techniques evolve over time and therefore we have initiated a requirement that all watchmakers receiving spare parts from The Swatch Group (U.S.) Inc must successfully complete a mandatory technical service training course provided in our Secaucus, NJ facility. Training provided at the facility is offered in five day segments, free of charge to all watchmakers attending. These modules provide concentrated instruction directed at brand specific models, service techniques, and new technology. Training will not only include the necessary technical instruction, but also emphasize quality assurance, brand distinction and trade professionalism. The “Service Provider” course is the base level requirement and intended to give a recognized service professional an introduction to Swatch Group service standards. Instruction includes basic mechanical movement service including Co-Axial Escapement, brand specific case/bracelet construction, case/bracelet refinishing, water resistance testing, CD/extranet navigation and brand quality directives. An evaluation of the movement service performed during this training will validate the watchmaker’s abilities to properly perform an overhaul to the brand standards. Instruction and requirements for other calibers may be suggested and scheduled for a later course date. Participants will also be advised of necessary equipment upgrades to meet brand requirements. Please note that if your workshop is not outfitted with the proper water testing or timing equipment for certain models, a restriction on specific spare parts may still apply.

Workshop set-up / location:
Workshop Premises There must be proper and adequate space allocation for the watchmaker and equipment. A separate area for polishing and cleaning equipment is required, as well as a general upkeep, organization and cleanliness of the overall facility.
Equipment / Tools:
Technical Equipment General and Specific required equipment that must be present include: Movement Cleaning Machine Vacuum and air pressure water-resistance tester Measuring device for quartz movements Measuring device for rate and amplitude of mechanical movements Microscope Final test rotation units(cyclomats) Demagnetizer Staking tool Case opener Crystal and case back press Printer for timing and water-resistance results Mainspring winder Jewel Press Movement holders with jewel supports Additional brand tools and equipment may be required to purchase specific watch components.
Does the watchmaker have to work in a retail establishment which sells your watches?

Do you supply parts to material houses?

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The information reported here was obtained by a telephone survey and represents the responses given by an employee of the brand or its US distributor. The information is provided to help watchmakers and consumers make educated decisions about their watch purchases. If you believe any of the information reported here is inaccurate please contact AWCI at info@awci.com.


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